Planet Wings Suits Up For Super Bowl By Focusing On Technology

Planet Wings- Crave the Flavor - Fresh Never Frozen No Antibiotics, No added Hormones, No Steroids

Planet Wings- Crave the Flavor - Fresh Never Frozen No Antibiotics, No added Hormones, No Steroids

“About six months ago, we revamped our website and put a focus on increasing our SEO,” Franco Fidanza, Planet Wings’ CEO, explained.

MIDDLETOWN, N.Y. (PRWEB) January 19, 2018

The big game is quickly approaching, but the real MVP of Super Bowl season isn’t the players or the teams — it’s the food. From beer, to chips and subs and event to the almighty chicken wing, the Super Bowl would be nothing without the food that accompanies it. But how do consumers connect? Where do they get their game day food from? In today’s day in age, it’s all about technology.

Planet Wings, a tri-state area based restaurant franchise in New York and New Jersey, looks forward to the big game day each year. With nearly 23 Super Bowls under their belt, Planet Wings knew it was time to spark a change in the way they prepared for the big day, to stay modern and attract new customers.

“About six months ago, we revamped our website and put a focus on increasing our SEO,” Franco Fidanza, Planet Wings’ CEO, explained.

What exactly is SEO? Search Engine Optimization is extremely important for businesses who want to show up on customer’s search results. In addition to focusing on SEO, Planet Wings has increased promotion of their online ordering page through use of email blasts, social media and digital ads.

“Super Bowl is the most popular time of the year for us. We knew leading up to the big day that we had to secure our website, and keep our promotions clear and concise for our consumers,” revealed Brittany Ambrosino, Planet Wings’ Marketing Director.

Now, the Planet Wings website receives over 30 thousand users monthly, with 80% of users being on their locations page the longest. In addition to that, over 75% of their users now access their website through mobile devices. “With all of these statistics in mind, we wanted to make sure our online ordering was easy to use for our customers,” said Fidanza. Their focus on SEO seems to be doing the trick, as 60% of their monthly customers are organically coming to their website based on searches such as “chicken wings” and “fast casual.”

“During the summer, we sat down and combed through our website, seeing places and areas that we could add meta data too to help us show up to new organic consumers,” said Kristina Andujar, Planet Wings’ Web Designer.

One of the most important aspects of Super Bowl Sunday is having a full spread of football food. Planet Wings sets themselves apart with their Game Day Specials. “We really looked at our menu, what menu items have been popular for the past 20 years, and made specials to offer our customers,” Fidanza explained. “These specials make game day a breeze for both the customers, and for us.”

The new specials make choosing easy for customers, featuring wing options of 30, 50 and 100 count wings. Customers will have five options to choose from to suit their game day needs.

“Super Bowl is a crazy time. We need all hands on deck,” Franco explained. With 75 percent of chicken wings coming from restaurants or foodservice outlets during Super Bowl Sunday, according to the National Chicken Council, it’s no wonder why the whole team is in place for the day.

What are some game day tips Fidanza has to offer? “Always order ahead of time” he reveals. “I’m sure any restaurant open on Super Bowl Sunday can agree that ordering ahead of time leads to a smooth operation throughout the day.”

Planet Wings’ website will be fully equipped and ready for the big day. Their hope is that putting in the work to make their website a success, will make game day a big success for both them and their customers.

“It is important for us as a brand to be in on what’s going on technologically, as we believe it helps us to best serve our customers,” Fidanza expressed.

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