Magic Cup - Supporting Franchisees

Supported by her executive team and industry consultants. Magic Cup's goal is to build  confidence as a franchise partner and supply you with the tools to create your own success.



And supported by her executive team and industry consultants. Their goal is to build your confidence as a franchise partner and supply you with the tools to create your own success.

Everything you learn has been trialed, tested and perfected by Lynn and her team over the past half decade.

This means you will be running a business that has already been proven to work in Houston and Dallas markets.

Along with Lynn, support will also be available to you from her trusted team of industry vendors, spanning product, construction, marketing, and more.


At Magic Cup, we focus on creating the best experience for our customers. Our drinks are carefully crafted with high-quality ingredients, like the premium tea leaves we have sourced from the mountains of Taiwan, and real fruit to give you the best tasting drink you can find. Our team has gained formal knowledge of tea and coffee to better serve you, and we have traveled the world to find inspiration to create unique drinks with the best ingredients. Our menu offers a wide variety of drinks from boba teas and coffee to fusion teas and Cha-Signature (chamoy flavored) drinks. We also offer catering services so you can enjoy our drinks anytime, anywhere. A visit to Magic Cup is great for those looking to hangout with friends and family or get some work done in a relaxing environment with refreshing drinks. If you are coming to spend time with friends and family, we have board games available for you to enjoy during you visit! Visit a location near you today.

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