Vetting & Qualifying

"With every new franchise location, you're putting your brand in the hands of the franchisee you've selected to take the helm. You've lovingly and painstakingly built your business from the ground up, so why entrust it to anyone but the best?"
- Marc Collopy, co-founder of Rockin' Jump

Proper vetting and qualifying the franchise candidate is where most franchisors go wrong.  Many franchisors are happy to qualify a prospect simply because they have the required capital, or they have a location, or they simply "love" the brand, or worse yet, because a commission driven franchise salesperson is telling you "the prospect will make a great franchisee". None of those reasons on their own is reason enough to award the franchise to anyone.

Franchise Growth Solutions understands and has years of experience with this process.  We qualify the franchise candidate, financially, philosophically and experientially.

Our team will guide the candidate through the application process, do the store visits, conduct the meetings & the numerous follow-up calls, the discovery day and work with the prospect each step of the way.  You can stay focused on building the operational side of your business, we zero in on the best individuals to award a franchise.  

That said, as the franchisor and final decision maker, you are involved in meeting the candidate, vetting and eventually making the ultimate decision whether to accept the candidate and award a franchise or not.

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