Some Last Thoughts...

"Knowledge is not power, it's potential power"...            
"Execution trumps knowledge every day of the week."                                                
-  Tony Robbins

The danger and destruction of doing nothing can be seen at all levels in the franchise industry from dead brands to bankrupt franchisees. When franchisors fail to recognize that they are now in a completely different business several mistakes can happen. Whether it's selecting the wrong franchise candidate, or thinking they can service an international franchisee or opening in a market where they have distribution challenges or zero name recognition, franchisors can sometimes be their own worst enemy to growing their brand in an aggressive but responsible way. Unfortunately, often the solution to these challenges is to do nothing, make excuses and hide...

All successful Franchisors come to the realization that just because they know their particular business doesn't mean the franchisor knows the franchise business. That would be like a franchise strategist assuming they know the trade secrets of operating your business successfully.

The road is littered with new or emerging franchisors that tried the DIY approach only to end up pulling back and doing nothing at all. Other mis-steps many start-up franchise companies make; they spend a small fortune to hire a company that is in the business of selling paperwork like the FDDs, Manuals, & Brochures, and many of them do a great job. That said, they are not creating a sales plan & the getting down to the hard work of selling franchises for you. Worse yet, thinking a "commission based" broker network, which is designed to supplement your selling strategy, should be your sole selling strategy. It sounds good, but it's usually ineffective as a means to reach your goals and fulfill your vision.

So we get back to the question; now what?

Franchise Growth Solutions, LLC. may be the answer. If accepted as a Member Client we act as your outsourced Franchise Sales & Development Department.

We start with your strategic plan, your lead generation strategy, defining your budget, your response mechanism, writing sales letters, the qualifying process, the phone calls and follow-ups, guiding the franchise candidate through the due diligence steps, conducting discovery days and closing the franchise sales transaction. Of course you are involved every step of the way and the final approval of any franchisee acceptance is always yours, never ours. Franchise Growth Solutions is YOUR Franchise Sales/Development Department without the high cost of full time employees.

Since we accept only up to six clients at any one time you must be recommended into our Member Client Portfolio. Please contact us to discuss a FREE EVALUATION INTERVIEW and an open, honest discussion regarding you brand, it's growth potential and whether we mutually agree if Franchise Growth Solutions is a good fit.

Franchise Disclaimer
None of the communications on this website should be construed as an offer to sell a franchise. We will not offer any franchise for sale: (1) until your state has duly registered our franchise offering or duly exempted our franchise offering from registration, if your state requires registration or exemption; and (2) until we have duly delivered our franchise disclosure document to you in compliance with applicable law.

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