Strategic Planning, Mindful Growth, Quantified Results

"Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the ax."
- Abraham Lincoln

It doesn't take long for smart franchisors to recognize the harsh reality of slow or no growth, high service cost, disconnected distribution and low brand awareness, not to mention unhappy franchisees and closed units. Often times these challenges start with the lack of a written Strategic Plan.

A Strategic Development Plan is your blueprint for growth. A Strategic Plan outlines the markets, the trade areas, the type of ideal franchisees, where to find them, the cost per inquiry, the conversion percentage, the budget, and the goals. We'll work with you to create a well thought out plan that is forward-looking for the first one to three years.

Don't take a haphazard, "let's do a deal" sales approach by accepting franchisees in "out markets" simply because they are standing in front of you and they say they love your brand... Be wary of the network franchise brokers when they tell you "go ahead and sell, you're ready". Our proprietary "Checklist to Sell"® will guide you to launching your franchise program when the time is right.

Ask me to tell you the story of an entrepreneur who was intoxicated with the idea of opening franchised stores... Ask me to tell you how all the stores closed in a few years...Ask me to tell you how he was inundated in lawsuits... Ask me to tell you how he had no plan.

A comprehensive, written Strategic Plan will help you understand the impact a properly planned & executed franchise sales program will have on future growth, cash flow, service cost, trademark value and the overall success of your franchisees.

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