On-boarding Franchisees & Getting Off To a Great Start

"There's nothing magic about working with franchisees. What you have to do is help them improve their business."
-Greg Brenneman

From the minute the phone rings with the initial franchise inquiry to the years of supporting your franchisee's success, the value you create in your Brand will be the rail that your entire system rides on.

Proper onboarding and getting your franchisee off to a great start is vital to your long term success. Franchisee's are more likely to follow your system when they have a deep understanding and respect for the brand mission, value for the trademark and a collective approach to representing the brand identity. Renegade franchisees are often the result of a franchise system that lacks the support and the corporate/brand culture so important to success.  The more your franchisees value the system, the better their results and the less likely they are to attempt to "reinvent the wheel".

Franchise Growth Solution will help you develop onboarding practices that become part of your corporate culture. Each person in your organization should live and breath the pillars of your mission and your brand position. When properly executed, your franchise community will be "speaking the same language" practicing the same methods and delivering the highest quality products & service with consistency across the brand. In other words, everyone will thrive, grow and attain success.

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