Lead Generation

"The Lead Generation process starts by finding out where your target market 'lives' on the web"
- Wayne Davis

We develop your lead generation system from scratch or enhance your already existing process. We'll work with you to identity the profile of your ideal franchise prospect, find out where they are, what they read, what motivates them and then target a results oriented campaign aimed right at them.

There are numerous approaches we can take, everything from soliciting with in-store POP to targeted email blasts to driving select operators to a well developed franchise page on your website.  

Franchise Growth Solutions will assist you in budgeting a campaign crafted to hit your sales goal for new franchisees.  We will provide direct oversight as well as train your team how to monitor results from CPL to CPC to Conversion on both the website as well as the "Closing" of franchise sales. That way, we can measure ROI and make adjustments as needed.




LEAD SHARING: We never present more than one brand to a prospect that has contacted us specifically for a particular concept.To attempt to “Switch or Share” a lead lacks integrity, professionalism and credibility. In addition, it sets up credibility issues in the mind’s eye of the prospect. We do not engage in lead sharing.


DUPLICATE LEADS: From time to time an individual may contact us separately about two or more brands in or outside of our portfolio. This contact may be on same day, or weeks, months or even years later. It may be the result of a search engine, lead portals, our robust social media pages, live events, asking us, and/or visiting our website. WE HAVE NO CONTROL OVER THIS. These duplicate leads/inquiries are initiated by the prospect NOT Franchise GrowthSolutions. If an individual inquirers about more than one concept or our other services then we will present the additional concept(s). This means someone applying for your brand may also be simultaneously or otherwise gathering information and applying for another brand in our portfolio. WE NEVER STEER A CLIENT TOWARDS OR AWAY FROM ANY BRAND IN OUR PORTFOLIO, NOR WILL WE INHIBIT THE PRESENTATION OF INFORMATION. Our obligation to our clients regarding duplicate leads is to make every good effort to present your brand with the same enthusiasm, professionalism and vigor as any other brand the individual inquired about. Sometimes prospects ask that we NOT disclose that information. If that is the case we will respect the prospect request and no disclosure will be made to our client. These “duplicate leads” may choose to buy your brand, or buy another brand, or buy both brands or buy nothing. We service each lead for each brand where they make inquiry, without exception.

As an extra effort to keep leads engaging in the franchise buying process, all leads from all brands are entered into our CRM distribution list for our online magazine FranchiseMoneyMaker and other distribution platforms.


OTHER BRANDS WE REPRESENT: We do not offer brand/concept category exclusivity. This means we may represent a brand similar to your brand.If for any reason, at any time you wish to know which brands Franchise Growth Solutions directly represents then we invite you to visit our brand page athttps://www.franchisegrowthsolutions.com/clients




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