Capitalizing On The Future Of Your Business

"Not all private equity people are evil. Only some."
- Paul Krugman

Private Equity (PE) firms are now realizing the benefit of investing in franchise systems. Some PE firms are seeking investments in Franchisors of all sizes along with large scale Franchisees that operate multi units of a particular brand or multiple brands. This pursuit is currently classified as aggressive and shows no sign of stopping.

One of the services offered to our Member Clients is the guidance needed to scale up a franchise system so it may become a target to a PE investment or can be properly presented to an investment firm.

How you set-up your initial franchise system, your management team, how you grow it and whether you can prove out specific items that match the criteria for investment is critical to your capital raise success. This is why Franchise Growth Solutions believes the sooner you allow us to guide your process the less "untangling" will be necessary when the capital raise occurs.

Our Member Clients benefit from our expertise and understanding of the "sweet spot" that some PE or other outside investors look for in a franchise entity.