Operations Manuals

"There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure."                                                                       

- Colin Powell

Communicating your business and its systems clearly, simply and comprehensively is one of the keys to your system’s success and that of your franchisees.  In addition to laying out your entire operating system, your Confidential Operations Manuel is used as:

  • The basis of the Business Development Process.
  • A training aid for franchisees.
  • A job aid for existing franchisees and their employees.
  • A compliance tool that allows you to monitor the adherence to your system.
  • Part of the material you will use with prospective franchisees.
  • Trouble shooting problems and opportunities for improvement with individual franchisee.

Our manual will cover your entire system, contain numerous photos and instructions on creating digital assets such as training videos, LTO Roll Outs, Templates, Job Aides and scores of topics covering your daily operation as well as business building.

The process can take 12 to 20 weeks and will require your input and verification of content. We visit your prototype location, we assess, we document, we consult and we write.  Once a draft is released to you for content review; we revise, format, paginate and continue this process until it's complete and accurate.  We then show you how to do updates and modifications so that your manual is a constantly  “evolving” document that will remain relevant throughout the life of your brand.

Our price to write your Comprehensive Confidential Operations Manuals is far lower than our competitors because our financial upside is the franchise development & sales portion of our program.  We are also happy to discuss the add on pieces such as Site Selection Survey Manual, RTM, Managing the Business, Construction, Design & Décor and Advertising & Marketing Manuals.

Franchise Growth Solutions designs manuals to support the selling strategy, train & motivate your new franchisees, manage compliance and drive the successful growth of your franchise system.

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